Wangdue Phodrang


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Wangdue Phodrang is an important gateway to Eastern part of Bhutan. It is situated at 1,350 metres above sea-level. This district is famous for its fine bamboo products, slate and stone carvings.

Wangdue Phodrang Dzong is situated on the hilltop above the confluence of Punatsangchhu and Dhangchhu rivers. During pre-monarchy days, the governor of this Dzong played an important and influencing role. The annual festival of Wangdue Phodrang will takes place in autumn.

Phobjikha Valley is a glacial valley on the periphery of the north western tip of the Black Mountain National Park at the altitude of 9,840 feet. The valley is a wide, beautiful alpine wetland valley, with mostly pine trees, interspersed with rhododendron trees. This valley is well known as the winter home for the endangered Black-necked cranes that migrate from its northern habitats in Tibet and Siberia. These elegant and shy birds can be observed from early November to end of March.

Other places of interest includes :

    • Temple of Sha Radap The guardian deity of Wangdue Phodrang region. Locals pay frequent visits to seek the blessings of Sha Radap and to name their new born child. You can roll the dices at the temple and seek his blessings. You wishes may come true and be fulfilled.

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  • Gangtey Goemba Monastery established in the 17th century. This monastery is situated in the beautiful Phobjikha Valley, east of Wangdue Phodrang.