Trashiyangtse is a small town, rich in Bhutanese arts and legends. Its attitude elevates from 1,000 metres to 5,000 metres above sea level, border by Arunachal Pradesh in India. Situated in a small river valley, Trashiyangtse is famous for its handmade lathed dapa wooden containers and bowls. Dapa is one of the oldest art forms include in your essay in Bhutan and is only done in Trashiyangtse. There are 100 over wood-carving families in Trashiyangtse. The finest dapas are made from walnut, cypress or avocado burl wood.

Besides Phobjikha valley, Trashiyangtse is also the winter home to the Black Necked Cranes which migrated to Bhutan from Tibet. It is also home to one of the finest traditional arts schools in Himalayas, the National Institute of Zorig Chusum, which produce talented young artists and craftsmen.

One of the oldest Dzongs built in this region is Dongdi Dzong or Trashiyangtse Dzong. It is located on a small spur flanked by 2 rivers (Kholong chu and Dongdi chu). It was first established in the 8th century by Gonkar Gyalpo, son of Lhasey Tsangma, a exiled Tibetan Prince. It was reconstructed by Terton Pema Lingpa in the 14th century. It houses the statue of Avaloketeshvara which was believed to the relic offered by the deity of the river.

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Chorten Kora is one of the only 2 huge chortens in Bhutan done in Nepalese style. It is constructed in 1740 by Lama Ngawang Loday. According to history, Lama Ngawang Loday constructed this chorten in memory of his late uncle Lama Jangchhub Gyeltshen and to subdue an evil demon dwelling at the site where the chorten was constructed. Thereafter, it is said that the people of the valley live in peace and harmony. The annual Chorten Kora tshechu in spring is renowned and people from all walks of life will gather to enjoy the fiesta every year.

Other places of interest include :

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  • Tzhenkharla Dzong – one of the oldest Dzongs built by Lhasey Tsangma, the exiled Tibetan Prince. By visiting the ruins, you will be able to get a glimpse of ancient Bhutan and a scenic view of the Dangmechu River and Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh in India.
  • Temple of Gom Kora, situated on a small alluvial plateau overlooking the Dangmechu River, 24km from Trashigang. One will see a massive rock with a cave where Guru Padmasambhava mediated and subdued a demon. An annual tshechu is held for 3 days in spring which attracts pilgrims from as far from Arunachai Pradesh, India.